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Connect With Your Guardian Angel With Anne

Blog-Angel Message

Blog-Angel Message

Angel Message of the Day: Joyous Occasions

Posted by Anne Ford on 14 February, 2013 at 23:10

Make everyday a joyous one.You have the power to shift&change your day to be happy,glorious,extraordinary&magical.Ask your GuardianAngel to plan,guide,fill your thoughts&heart with all happy things.Clode your eyes&visualize the illuminated path awaits.Many of you have been working hard.Much light&love from Above is sprinkling down upon you.In working hard,your dedication to the Father,you created the needed changes&growth for your soul.So time to CELEBRATE!Keep praying&playing&working for your heart has opened&is ready to receive blessings from Above.God,the Father is smiling down upon you.Sing praise along with your Angels!


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