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Connect With Your Guardian Angel With Anne

Angel Anne with guest Tom Lumbrazo

 Today's show ,December 20,2011 is very special guest artist,author of A Journey To The Clouds and Faces Of The Universe,Tom Lumbrazo. Check out his website After a successful career in city planning, a near death experience and the medical and therapeutic treatments that followed significantly changed Tom Lumbrazo's outlook on life and his understanding of the meaning of our existence. Through A Journey to the Clouds: Messages from the Sky, Lumbrazo shares some of the images and new meanings he finds in clouds. While each person's interpretations will vary, Lumbrazo shares what he sees through simple statements that he imagines the clouds could be saying. His messages culminate with the story of his most exciting experience of looking at the sky while on a trip to coastal France. Please join us

The show time is 8:30pm PST 11:30pm EST on BlogTalkRadio click the link to listen


Coming soon on Connect With Your Guardian Angel With Anne

Ruth Magan

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